In 1984 we had the vision-idea of creating projects to integrate educational efforts with the creative strategies used by artists.  Initially, we created the Institute for the Development of Education and the Arts (IDEA) to provide training and graphic design services to organizations to enhance their image and development through on-the-job training programs and publications used for the training programs. 

After this experience many other projects were created in schools, community development centers and higher education institutions. 

The Puerto Rico - Cuba Art and Education project (PuertoRicoCubArtEdu) is based on our original vision, adding a new dimension to our mission to provoke  cross-cultural understanding through the learning of how the arts express the creative sprit of nations such as Puerto Rico and Cuba, long time Caribbean friends since Spanish colonial times and actually working to advance in there quest for freedom and progress through peaceful conversations with other nations.


The Conversation, Etienne Pirot, 2012, Plaza San Francisco, Havana

In 2000 we were inspired by the idea of looking at art and human creativity to see in its motion the circumstances, emotions and ideas of those who create. 

The mission of PuertoRicoCubArtEdu is to promote the understanding of Cuban and Puerto Rican cultures as expressions of a common history and the visions of their people. Our goal is to facilitate educational activities that will result in meaningful interaction between art lovers from Cuba, Puerto Rico and the United States. 

We customize all travel arrangements and itineraries for small groups and art and educational institutions, including: compliance with the US Treasury Department Cuba travel license requirements, an experienced bilingual Program Leader traveling with the group, lodging in private houses or hotels, ground transportation, meals and activities with the participation of Cuban and Puerto Rican experts in the fields of visual arts, dance, architecture, music and community education and development.

Marcos Carvajal


Marcos Carvajal, M.Ed. is a visual artist-educator, a visionary and program leader and founder of PuertoRicoCubartEdu.  

Born in the neighborhood of Santos Suarez, Havana, Cuba, Marcos started to study art with his father when he was nine. His formal studies continued at the University of Havana Medical School. He continued studies at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts / Tufts in Boston, and Cambridge College. He taught art courses at Montserrat School of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts, Jájome School of Art in Puerto Rico, the University of Puerto Rico and at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts / Tufts in Boston.

As a visiting faculty member at the SMFA, Marcos facilitated courses such as "Painting in the Rain Forest of Puerto Rico" and "Making Art in Cuba: An Interdisciplinary Exchange" for the International Department. 

Marco’s visions, messages and execution of his artwork are diverse and use multiple mediums of art. As an artist, Marcos has displayed his artwork in groups and solo art exhibitions in national and international galleries, public spaces and art festivals. Presently, Marcos works from his studio in Sarasota, Florida.

Vist Marcos website at

Pedro Schuck


Dr. Pedro O. Schuck, is an educator and our Program Coordinator, program leader and founder of PuertoRicoCubartEdu.   

Pedro was born in Puerto Rico and is a graduate from InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico, Harvard and Boston Universities, Pedro is Professor Emeritus of education, art in education and applied social sciences in Cambridge College, Massachusetts. Pedro was the Coordinator for the Cambridge College Study Abroad Programs and facilitated the approval of Cuba travel licenses for Cambridge College, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston and Art Trips to Cuba.  He was also the founder of the Cambridge College Puerto Rico Center, implementing the delivery of graduate programs in education, management and counseling psychology.

In 1984 Pedro and Marcos embarked in the creation of several art and education projects.   

  • Institute for the Development of Education and the Arts (IDEA), San Juan, Puerto, Rico
  • Centro Arte, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Alcachofa: Images and Design for Promotions, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Marcos Carvajal Sculpture Gallery, Boston and Marblehead, Massachusetts
  • Sungod Workshops, Boston and Marblehead, Massachusetts
  • AquaSculpture, Marblehead, Massachusetts
  • EducArte, Cayey, Puerto Rico
  • Jajome School of Art, Cayey, Puerto Rico
  • Arts in Education Initiative, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Travel and Learn, Salem, Massachusetts
  • Cambridge College Puerto Rico Regional Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • PuertoRicoCubArtEdu and Marcos Carvajal Art Galleries LLC Salem, Massachusetts and Sarasota, Florida


In 2000 we founded PuertoRicoCubaArtEdu to facilitate travel and learning programs in Cuba and Puerto Rico. Since then we have served hundreds of participants from organizations such as Dunedin Fine Art Center, Art Center Sarasota, OSHER Lifelong Learning Academy at Ringling College, Carla’s Clay of Sarasota, School of the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston, Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Cambridge College, Sarasota Cuban Ballet School, Copley Society of the Arts, Potter’s Guild of Florida’s Gulf Coast, and Associated Artists of Pittsburgh.  

Our participants are artists, museum administrators, curators, gallery owners, art therapists, art directors, architects, art educators, teacher education students and art lovers in general from art and educational organizations in the United States. The New York Times, Boston Globe, El Nuevo Dia, Boston Herald,, National Public Radio, Art and Antique Magazine and United Press International have reviewed our programs. Our programs enjoy great success due to small size groups, experienced program leaders, detailed itineraries, reasonable costs and the friendly hospitality of our tour operator in Cuba.

It is truly wonderful when so many ask us how was your trip to Cuba? We loved it - the Entel "family" enjoyed not only being together, but sharing with the rest of the group our 6 days with you two. It was a Journey we will always remember! 

Syd and Irwin Entel 

My trip to Cuba with Marcos Carvajal Art Galleries was a wonderful experience that I will treasure. Each day brought a variety of cultural and artistic offerings; it seemed as though artistic jewels were around each corner. I am looking forward to my next visit to Cuba: its people, food, art, and everyday life! 

Nancy Kramer 

Thank you for being so caring in all you did for us! It was a most "eye opening" experience. The people were warm and wonderful! Its Art was fantastic! It was all so special! 


I want to thank you again for the fantastic Cuba trip that I was able to participate in last month. Throughout my life I have traveled a lot and all over the world, but the visit to Cuba facilitated by you will forever be on my Top 10 list. Not only because of the heart and soul you both clearly put into this trip, but also because of the beauty of the country and the Cuban people. I think I did fall in love with both of them - the country and the people!  

Markus Dobler

We left feeling very connected to Cuba. For the most part we (U.S. citizens) were very well received despite of the hardship. The Cuban people are proud, positive and beautiful. 

Steward & Francene Tabak

Having experienced the happy, friendly Cuban people I feel so appreciative being able to say I love Cubans and adore their music and feel sorry that it has taken so long for this new beginning between our countries. 

Susan Von Gries 

I understand more clearly how Cuban people live and what are their challenges and see that the artistic drive for creating is universal. 

Judy Levine

Astounded at quality of Cuban art!. Love the Cuban people. The program was an exceptionally well-integrated one. It combined performances, studio exchanges, Cuban culture and history in perfect balance. 

 Jack Winberg  

An impressive cultural journey. Confirmed Cuban ballet's reputation for excellence. 

Ed Town 

I loved my trip to Cuba for the Alicia Alonso International Ballet Festival.   The tour was amazing with superb ballet performances nearly every night, a tour of the national ballet school and the opportunity to watch various classes and rehearsals.  We also got the opportunity to visit a number of the historic and notable sites in and around Havana. The tour was very well organized and it was so fun to be there with other balletomanes.

Tiffany Walker 

The Ballet Festival in Havana exceeded all my expectations and truly was the best, most educational and enjoyable week of my entire life¡ Thank you¡ 

Denny Nolan